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We connect and collaborate with motivated individuals & organisations to create momentum together.

1LM can add momentum to your capability projects with our team of experienced professionals. We can provide individual specialists to augment your team or a complete project office to deliver your intended outcomes. 

1LM has the demonstrated know-how to support your capability programs at all stages of their lifecycles, from inception through to operational service.

We believe in a strong, interdisciplinary approach that always keeps the organisation’s desired end-state and strategic objectives front of mind.

Create momentum within your organisation. 1LM can charter the course to achieving technological, organisational, and relational success through tailored strategies that address the reality of current state maturity constraints, define a coordinated set of actions to uplift the enterprise, and ultimately realise transformational change.

1LM’s principles-based approach to prioritising, managing, and implementing programmes and projects ensures alignment to organisational strategic objectives and the enterprise’s capacity to deliver. Our experts understand the value of pragmatism in complex yet effective portfolio decision-making.

1LM understands how to translate organisational strategies and policies into compelling business cases, develop and define human-centric user requirements, and design fit-for-purpose implementation plans to fulfil capability outcomes. 

Elegant solutions to complex problems. Experienced systems engineers and technology architecture experts can help define the problem, specify a solution, and coordinate its design, development, verification,1LM and implementation.

Your vision delivered, on time and within budget. Our skilled professionals fiercely represent your interests, closely managing the fundamental project elements of schedule, budget, and outcomes to achieve superior results.

Our commercial experts can run your tendering and contracting processes, achieving best value for money outcomes. We can also assist with planning and preparation of your partnering model, approaches to market, and evaluation of tender responses.

Improve how your organisation operates through better employee engagement, more efficient processes, continuous improvement strategies, and smarter application of resources. Our operations experts can design, streamline, and implement operating models and business processes to improve the health of your organisation, maximise the returns on your capital investment, and lower lifecycle operating costs.

1LM helps organisations to link project benefits to strategic objectives to ensure investment programs deliver positive and measurable change. These services ensure program & project teams maintain focus on the desired outcomes and that the benefits of investment are realised.

Our subject matter experts and generalist consultants collectively advise and support government across these capabilities.

Our subject matter experts and generalist consultants collectively advise and support government across these capabilities.

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