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1LM is a reference to Sir Isaac Newton’s first law of motion: an object will continue to be in its present state of rest (or motion) unless acted on by an external force.  1LM was established to prove that businesses can operate with a conscience, creating positive outcomes not just for our clients but also providing an environment for our staff to flourish and contribute to wider society. 
We challenge the status quo, using our energised and connected workforce to create momentum.

Our Values

Our Vision

To create a thriving profit-for-purpose Australian professional services firm that sets the standard for employee engagement, is known for genuine trusted client partnerships, and which pursues community responsibility across a diverse range of endeavours close to the hearts of our crew members.

Capable and driven people are looking for much more than just a competitive paycheck; indeed, humanity is intrinsically wired to thrive most when we genuinely belong to a team that has a unified purpose, are engaged in meaningful endeavours, are able to make a personal difference across a range of professional challenges – both in the profit and the not-for-profit space.

Having opportunities to truly pursue the things of meaning, while working in a fearless environment where people feel safe and supported to take risks is at the essence of what it means to flourish in the workplace.

To achieve this requires a counter-cultural business model. While we endeavour to financially reward our employees’ efforts appropriately, it’s the non-financial benefits that we want to be known for and measured by. This requires a strong focus on creating genuine opportunities (both in the profit and the not-for-profit space) for our people, while balancing this with good financial stewardship. In other words, the social responsibility to our people, clients and the community is the driving force of the business and what comes first, not maximising profit.

The desire to use the business as a platform to positively impact those less fortunate in the wider community is a natural extension of the founding members’ heritage of military service.

We believe that businesses that derive substantial economic benefit from the community, particularly through government contracts, should ultimately flow the benefits back to the community in innovative ways that promote sustainable outcomes.

1LM therefore has a strong mandate to leverage its high quality, motivated professionals and business profit to support the resolution of a broad range of intractable community issues. This might include initiatives both domestically and abroad that address poverty and exploitation, and economic and environmental sustainability. These efforts may be conducted independently, or in conjunction with other companies or Not for Profit organisations. 

In the professional services industry, too often clients are exploited, or circumstances manipulated for financial gain. Too often client relationships are reduced to transactional exchanges, devoid of integrity in motivation and intent.In contrast, the 1LM vision is to engage with clients through trusted partnerships, characterised by forthright, genuine care that has the client’s best interests at heart.

1LM is a grass-roots Australian company made up of individuals who care deeply about our country’s way of life, who wish to preserve all that is good and increase our resilience against threats from within and without. Such ambitions cannot be carried out by governments and the public sector alone; businesses must play their part. We therefore pursue opportunities to engage with clients where we can have the greatest impact and benefit for all Australians.

Our Values

Our Values


We are a team of people that love to rethink, relearn and grow. We do not hide behind process, but relentlessly pursue better ways of doing things and solving problems.


We understand that when we work together to achieve a common goal, we are greater than the sum of our parts. We exist to serve our crew, our clients, and the wider community which requires genuine selflessness and humility. 


The challenges our clients addresses demand extraordinary integrity. As effective team players, we commit to acting in each other and Australia’s best interests. We welcome transparency and truth – to identify growth areas and demonstrate moral courage.


To create momentum in such a complex environment requires passion, tenacity, resolve and a deep conviction to make a difference. As we pursue new challenges, there is a passionate belief in our ‘why’.

Our community work in action

Coffee Partnership Supporting Timor-Leste's COVID Recovery

1LM has partnered with Project Origin, Kape Diem, and DFAT to boost the scale of specialty coffee production and exports from Timor-Leste by sharing knowledge of processing and farming best practices and connecting farmers to global markets.⁠

The partnership will support economic growth and jobs in Timor-Leste by increasing  incomes across 1,000 households, and championing gender equality in the industry by recognising and strengthening the role of women in the coffee supply chain.

projectorigincoffee ©

How do we honour our "profit for purpose" vision?

1LM is serious about meaningfully creating opportunities in the wider community. Therefore, we allocate to each crew member 20 working days each year for the pursuit of community projects. We know that exceptional people want work with purpose, and empower our crew members to look for opportunities to contribute to our broader community.

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